Because you asked for it, print it is! The CreateSpace Chronicle

Ok, perhaps that is being a bit grandiose, but when I went to the grant writing workshop last week, it became clear to me that a lot of people do have e-readers, but a lot do not. And I am not just speaking about socioeconomics; some people are just more accustomed to paper books.

I have to admit that I am too. My wife and I went to a bookstore a few weeks ago and I got a book there. I was really about to use my phone to find out how much the Kindle version of the paperback I was reading costs, and then I thought to myself, “Nah, you’ve already bent the spine and read about 150 pages, so go ahead and buy it.”

I have to confess that my wife was just a little surprised to see me not on my Kindle nor on my TouchPad for the next few days, but reading an actual book. I don’t really see much of a difference and that is a testament to the technology used in today’s e-readers.

At this time, Amazon is introducing the latest, updated version of the Kindle Paperwhite with all kinds of features. I just bought one for my Mom about six months ago, and here they are with an updated one.

Anyway, there is one significant difference between books and e-books–the price. I shelled out about two dollars extra for the paperback (the novelization of the Pacific Rim movie, actually). E-books are usually cheaper than their print versions.

However, there are other ways that e-books are being promoted. Amazon (I hate to keep talking about them, but they are the biggest, and apparently most cunning) has just introduced a program where you can enroll your e-book version to be offered at a discount–even free–to customers who buy your print book.

If you have a print book, they will help you to convert it to an e-book through Kindle Direct Publishing. If you have an e-book, they will help you to convert it to a print version through CreateSpace.

Which brings me to the topic at hand. I have submitted my first book, Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing: Making the Vision Plain So the Reader Can Run! to CreateSpace to be a print-on-demand book sold by them and by Amazon. And for purchasing the print book, you can get a discount on the e-book through the MatchBook program.

Really, a few people have asked me about whether I have a print version of the book. Some wanted to have a copy for me to sign, others are just not e-book readers (yet).

The process of converting it was not difficult. I only had to reformat the document to the actual page size (6″ by 9″) and make a  few adjustments. Converting the cover was more involved. I had to take the e-book cover and place it in the right size of print book cover and add the back and spine. It was not hard.

Right now, the finished book is being reviewed by CreateSpace. I will let you know when it is available.

So what does this have to do with grant writing. Well, you have to give the people what they want, whatever it might take.

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